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Laws of Motion with Components

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    Three forces acting on an objetc are given by F1=(-2.00i + 2.00j)N, F2=(5.00i - 3.00j)N, F3=(-45.0i)N The object experiences an acceleration of magnitude 3.75 m/s2.
    a) What is the direction of the accceleration?
    b) What is the mass of the object?
    c) If the object is initially at rest, what is its speed after 10.0s?
    d) What are the velocity components of the object after 10.0s?

    The only I'm unable to do is d).
    Can someone give me some hints to do it please?
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    Velocity and Acceleration are vectors; time is a scalar unit. If, for constant acceleration, V = at, what's the direction of the velocity?
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    I don't see how it will help me find the velocity in y and x.
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