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    I have chosen to go the route of the law via philosophy major. Any strong convictions about lawyers and the state of modern society because of their impact.?

    To many, Lawyers are the scum of the earth. They lie they cheat and they steal their way to nice italian shoes.

    But to me, Lawyers are a step up from the violence that came about in the past. When neighbors had a dispute 100-5,000 years ago, they killed eachother.
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    The Simpsons made a funny joke on the impact of lawyers once.
    Lawyer Lionel Hutz: "Can you image a world without lawyers?" He then pictures a huge circle of people of different races, religions and colours dancing around a hill on a sunny day, after which he shudders in disgust.

    Seriously though, I have nothing against lawyers :approve: (except the lazy defence lawyers who dont give a **** about their client's fate :uhh: )
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    I have a few good friends who are lawyers. Yeah, there are hacks, just like in any field, but you don't really have to check your morals at the door to become a lawyer. The one thing that a lot of people don't realize going into law school...most lawyers AREN'T filthy rich. Only those who work in some of the top firms and in certain areas of practice really rake in the dough. So, if like many, you're motivated by the idea of making a huge salary when you're done, consider that you probably won't unless you really can distinguish yourself among the very best. Like anything, don't let that be your main motivator or you'll be disappointed.
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