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Layer thickness and resonance

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    What does the below senetence mean? I dont understand it, maybe because of my not so good english.

    "When the wavelength becomes of the same order as the layer thickness, resonance occurs. "

    Does it mean when the wavelenght and layer-thickness are exactly equal (e.g. both 0.1m)? Thanks.
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    Most likely meaning within the same order of magnitude, e.g if the wavelength and thickness are both represented by:
    (a number between 1-10) x 10^b
    Both would be in the same order of magnitude if b was the same number in both cases.
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    Thanks. I think you got it right. Beacause this also could be found on the text i'm reading

    "It was found that resonance effects become important when the size of the inhomogeneity has the order of magnitude of the wavelength."
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