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Laying my carbon/kevlar fabric

  1. Aug 7, 2005 #1
    when laying my carbon/kevlar fabric
    i constantly have the problem of it sticking to my gloves
    which is quite annoying and makes it hard to handle
    should i be using specialy coated gloves? do they make such a thing?
    or is there a "lay-up" procedure that anyone knows of for laying composite fabrics?
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    keep your fingers out of it :rolleyes:
    use a wet brush or small roller or a stick ONLY

    one trick I learned was to wet the cloth on a seprate peice of cardboard
    then move it on to the work after it is well penitraited
    and make removeal of excess resin eazyer
    that works best on overhead to vertical work

    but sometimes you just got to grap a bit
    use water to wet the gloves if you must pick up the cloth after it is wet
    spit works on finger tips and will stop the sticking
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    yeah i was going to try and wet it up on a piece of wax paper

    its the shape i am making thats the problem
    if it was big and flat its not problem
    but it is a small box rectangular in shape

    i ll try wetting my gloves with water
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    You can buy spray-on Teflon and silicone coatings if necessary, but what about just using a bit of whatever mold-release factor you employ? It must at least be unreactive with your working material.
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