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Layman Needing Research Info

  1. Dec 24, 2007 #1
    Hello there. This is my first post here but just spent the last couple of hours browsing the forums. There seems to be some pretty smart people here and so I would like enlist their help in helping me understand some of the principles of time and space.

    A little background; My name is Nick Dismas, I am 24 and live in Manchester, England. I am working to become a freelance writer and illustrator and at the moment I have an idea for a story that I am interested in pursuing. At the moment though that's all it is; an idea.

    In a nutshell you might say it's a time travel story, and so it is this the main area I'm looking for information. I've spent the past few weeks reading various texts but to my right-handed brain this has raised more questions than it's answered. I get the feeling that by mentioning that I want to develop a time travel story that there will be a collective groan across the forum, but I hope you'll understand that the time travel is merely a vehicle for a more character driven plot-line. However, I want to make sure that this story if based as much on science-fact (or at least credible science-theory) as possible.

    I feel like I'm rambling. Sorry.

    So, to start with; I think I've settled on wormholes as the method for the (backwards) time travel. Our highly advanced far-future selves developing the ability to fabricate and sustain an Einstein-Rosen bridge (that right?) and move through it to other points in space and time.

    First question; how would you expect to be able to determine a given point in space and time and how accurate would you expect this determination to be?

    Okay, that was two questions, but you get the idea.

    Okay... go!

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