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Layman's LQG book?

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    I am interested in loop quantum gravity but am just a college freshman so have none of the mathematical background to learn about it. Are there any "layman's" books out there on LQG, in the same vein of Universe in a Nutshell, The Elegant Universe, etc?
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    Was just going to recommend that exact book. Picked it up in a charity shop as thought it looked vaguely interesting.

    Got round to reading it as some bedtime reading and some parts - although not mathematical at all - prove somewhat useful in tutorial discussions.

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    I can further recommend Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, but then, I haven't come across many books wholly about LQG. It is a good, interesting read, if a little hard to get through at some points - not on any sort of mathematical level, but if I remember correctly, you'll find some parts difficult if you don't make sure you understand as you're reading. enjoy.
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    Thank you very much for the recommendation. I picked it up the other day and am finding it very fascinating :)
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