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Laypersons and hobbyists

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    After reading this article:


    I started reading the comments. I just had to cringe on a lot of them (starting at the 2nd page, really). I don't really read science magazines, especially online when I can view comments. Are most laypeople like that? Where they have a weak grasp of something and still feel the are qualified to dismiss some ideas, or create new ones? Is there anything that can be done to stop that...?
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    That's just why PF is such an oasis :!!) !
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    Of course there's something you can do to stop it

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    Sure they are. Everyone has an opinion on things, even stupid people!
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    Unfortunately, the stupid people breed more than the intelligent people.
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    LOL, I've noticed that.
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    One way to stop them from feeling qualified is to browbeat them whenever they create ideas.
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    Then I feel like an arrogant jerk.

    How do I tell someone they are stupid without hurting their feelings? Do I talk really slowly or use baby words or something?
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    They aren't stupid. They are ignorant. Educate them.
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    Chi Meson

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    I liked this post, from the second page:
    I have long ago given up on arguing science with people who have already decided that they (alone) have figured out that everyone else has gotten it wrong. I often tell them:

    "Lasers work."
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    With a hammer?
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    The useful factor doesn't seep into them properly. Truth has to be fun, not useful!
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