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LCD projector into SLM

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    I am currently trying to convert an old Sharp XG-NV2U LCD Projector into a spatial light modulator, and have gotten stuck. The panels dont seem to be interfacing with the computer anymore, which is a problem since I want to use them to project diffraction gratings. Using two polarizing lenses, I have blocked out all light when the projector is off, and then when I turn it back on light is transmitted. So a voltage is getting through, but I cant get any changes regardless of what I am trying to send to the panel (black screen, white screen, stripes, checkers...).
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to PF.
    Could we have some more details?
    Doesn't a normal data projector consist of a light source, followed by a SLM? I don't understand how you want to "project" a diffraction grating. You can project an image but not a grating. The grating can be formed on the panel inside the projector but how can an image of that grating do any 'diffracting' when it's on a screen? I am confused at the moment.
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