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Homework Help: Lcm and gcd

  1. Jun 27, 2004 #1
    i have this one ? and it is bugging me !! show that a,b,c = to (ab,ac,bc)[a,b,c]. () = to the gcd and [] = to the lcm. does that notation mean multiply the numbers together? i mean i started out saying this...

    (ab,ac,bc) = 1, so there exist a p prime s.t. p divides ab, p divides ac, and p divides bc. so if p divides ac, then p HAS to divide the other two, right? can anyone show me where i am going wrong and point me in the right direction? thank you all!!
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    What does that mean, specifically, "a,b,c = "? Do you mean all three numbers, a, b, and c equal the right side?

    Why would this be true?
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    Okay, (a,b,c) is the gdc and [abc] is the lcm but what does a,b,c on the left side of the equation mean? I thought at first that you had forgotten the "[" and meant [a,b,c] but then it's not true. Do you mean a*b*b= (a,b,c)*[a,b,c]?
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