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LDR & X Rays!

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    Can LDR detect the X-Rays? Please help me. If it does, I have to make the x ray detector for bounce back conditions.:confused:
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    Does LDR stand for light dependent resistor?
    What does the LDR manufacture say about X-Ray detection?
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    I guess it can, if you have a lot of x-rays. I think the sensitivity would be rather low though.
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    I've seen it done with semiconductor crystals where the x-ray forms electron hole pairs. If the incidence of photos striking is low enough, the energy of the photon can be determined by the amount of charge released. This is handy when determining the material types by X-ray fluorescence
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    Because X-Ray and Light are both Electromagnetic waves. Thank you very much. I'm going to test that device.
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    LDRs are generally CdS, a semiconductor, so yes they probably will respond to X-rays but not very efficiently.
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    Have you tried any of the various phosphor coatings use in florescent lights or CRTs?
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