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Lead Dioxide Anode

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    I usually plate lead dioxide on carbon to form my anodes, however, I was wondering if anyone knew why one cant use a lead strip and let electrolysis oxidize the surface to lead dioxide? It is too simple for it not to be used already. But I did make a set of lead acid batteries by just using the lead strips with no lead dioxide and it worked fine. I was wondering if anyone had some insight on the subject.
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    I believe using bare lead was the original method of making batteries, plating with oxide is relatively new way of making batteries that are already charged even before they are filled with acid.
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    The problem is much less one of generating PbO2, but generating it in a way
    that makes it sufficiently hardy to not deteriorate (i.e. flake off) during use as
    an anode, possibly with high current densities, thermal gradients etc. etc.

    You can find some patents and recipes by googling.

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