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Leading a shot

  1. Jul 19, 2007 #1
    Well, I am currently having a discussion about leading shots with warships. One person thinks that a shell fired from a BB going 25 knots aimed directly at a destroyer going 25 knots will strike the target, even though there is a one minute time delay.

    He thinks that the shell will continue to go 25 knots in the direction of the ship, while going towards the target at mach 3 for the entire time period between the time of firing, and the time of the splash.

    Could you please respond with an answer, showing if I'm correct or not? For me, it makes sense that you have to lead a target to shoot it. Many pilots who have dogfighted have written accounts on how they had to lead the enemy plane, and my grandfather who served onboard a Battleship told me that they had to lead the shots, and that the guns were not aimed directly at the ship.
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    I'm going to address this in the other thread....
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