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Leads in electrical circuit

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    A branch of multi-level parallel circuit has 6 leads coming into it and currents of 3 A, 4.4 A, and 8.8 A flow into it, and one of the leads has a current flowing out of it of 6 A. If the other two leads have identical currents flowing out through them, what are those currents?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. For starters, I don't really know what a lead is.
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    Re: Leading in electrical circuit

    In regards to a node:
    Leads are referring to branches stemming from a node. Such is portrayed in the picture I provided, except there are 5 leads stemming from the top and bottom node.

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    Re: Leading in electrical circuit

    A lead is a wire.
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    Re: Leading in electrical circuit

    Would it be as simple as:

    6 + 2x = 3 + 4.4 + 8.8
    6 + 2x = 16.2
    2x = 10.2
    x = 5.1 A
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    Correct, sir!
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    Thank you!
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