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Leaf and terminal bud

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    My teacher told me that terminal bud is absent on leaf apex.This does not make any sense to me as leaf apex is the part below
    leaf apex.png
    Why would there be any terminal bud ?As terminal bud is only present at the tip of a stem not at the tip of leaf so my teacher is right in saying that terminal bud is absent on leaf apex but why she even mentioned it as it is clearly evident from definition of terminal bud .
    Am I missing any point?
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    You are right that in the definition of a terminal bud, it occurs at the tip of a stem.

    Your teacher is also correct in stating that a terminal bud is absent (does not occur) at the apex of a leaf. Perhaps some past students confused the tip of a leaf with the tip of a stem and she is making sure there is no confusion there. If you still wonder why your teacher mentions this, I would ask her too.
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