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Lear physics with mathematics.

  1. May 25, 2013 #1
    I would like to know if there are any good textbooks that can teach mathematics in relationship to physics or explain the usage of popular physical formulæ. I am a hobbyist and I need to have a better understanding of the Calculus problems that I am dealing with while I am working on fluxgate magnetometer - based project.

    I found this:

    Mathematics for Physics I
    Michael Stone
    Paul Goldbart

    Are there any better textbooks out there?
    I still cannot forget the Sheldon Axler precalculus textbook I had used in high school. I wish that all textbooks for all disciplines are written like this.

    I don't need mathematical examples from any other disciplines. I don't consider economics a hard science for example.
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  3. May 26, 2013 #2
    I have:
    Mathematics for Physics I
    Michael Stone and Paul Goldbart

    I cannot understand a lot of things in this book.
    I need a simpler textbook.

    I took calculus 13 years ago in college and I entirely forgot it because of no use.
    I never took physics, only economics and other not very hard sciences.

    I want to learn everything that surrounds physics. Nobody used physics to teach mathematics?
    I am not looking for a school/college textbook loaded with exercises. I just want to learn how things are written and where they are coming from.

    I need it for work.

    Is there any good book that you can recommend me to remind me of how things are written and how they work?

    Thank you.
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