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Learn a language

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    I am a second year civil engineering student. I have decided I want to learn a language that will help my career progress once I graduate.

    Lecturers at my Uni have told me different things. One said German another said Mandarin. I think Mandarin as it is the national language of China.

    What do you lot think? I don't have any preference, just something that will put me ahead when it comes to getting a job.


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    Hi there,

    Since you say, you want to "help" you career once graduated, the you must have a clue about what you want to do. If you want to have a career focused mainly on the Americas, Spanish is probably a good language to have. If you want to interact with Europe, where Germany is the leading economy, German might be a good start. If you believe that the far east is the place to be, the go for Mandarin of Japanese.

    Lets say that English is definitely a good language to have, since it is often the commerce language between companies. But, you are right to think that you have a head start if you can deal in French with companies in France, for example.

    Anyway, cheers
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