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Learn another language besides C++

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    I want to learn another language besides C++. What would you reccomend? I was thinking BASIC, but I'm not too sure. What do you think would be good next?
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    Math Is Hard

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    I don't know if it's considered a true programming language but I am deeply fond of SQL (Structured Query Language). If you want to create and work with databases, or write programs that work with databases, you'll need some SQL in your toolkit.
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    why do you want to move away from C++?...basics to basic. and SQL, PHP, EXCEL and all those are for business/web/networking(there are many more but my knowledge of that side ofthings is bare minimum)..so if your going in that direction of a carerr go for it...

    If you want to stick to science/gaming/math/robotics/3D-VR/ALIFE/AI
    stick to C/C++ learn C for its fundamental functions.then move to the convetions of C++ or learn to intertwine conventions like i do.(NOT PURE OO for me,i can't stand it)

    if your in highschool- learn to use C/C++ packages the Direct series by MS, or the open series(opengl,openAL,openAI, openDynamics) then learn to use some numerical pkgs and 3D engines(torqu,eunreal, hl, ogre)...
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    1. If you want another language with the same flavour as C++, then the language you can learn is Java. (There is not much difference between these two and i dont mean in terms of syntax but the basic principles of object oriented paradigm).
    2. If you want another language with a different paradigm than the one followed in say C,C++ or Java, then the language you can learn are Lisp and Prolog (They are pretty enjoyable if you have any remote interest in AI, not to mean that they are just used for AI)
    3. If you want another language which is of completely different flavour than any of the above, then you can look around several things like Query Languages (SQL etc), Markup Languages (HTML, XML etc) and several others
    4. If you want another language which has market potential, then you can look for Java, SQL, XML semantics and plethora of RAD(Rapid Application Development) Tools.

    -- AI
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    python, perl, LISP, PHP, Java, brainf*ck (heh that one is fun), Ruby, Prolog, I can go on.

    what do you want to do?
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    I want to learn Java. But I'm going to learn assembly first. (for games on my calculator)
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    there is not just one assembly. to learn to program for your calculator, you need to look up the reference manual for developers on the manufacturers website.
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    That's why I was getting confused. :|
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