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Learn Chinese

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    Anybody interested in learning Chinese? I am thinking of studying Chinese in China. If you have any good suggestion do let me know. I am looking for a program that has solid, interesting and fun teaching..

    thank you..
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    "Chinese" is not a language, sir.
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    Chinese is a language, albeit a written one. The writing system is universal across China. Mandarin and Cantonese are dialects.
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    I don't know if you would expect the same as a student but I hear there are several of those english teaching job placement agencies that are scams. So be careful of the school or agency that you go through.
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    Yes, I knew someone who moved to Hong Kong to teach English near there. Type in TEFL into a search engine (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)- that's a good place to start, because I think you have to meet certain standards to be listed there.
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    Make your destination to Kunming, a nice place in China having comfortable weather around the year. My friends brother also stays over there and studying at Minds Abroad.
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    Thank you guys for giving me suggestions....
    Hey ransi07, tell me more about the "Minds Abroad"...
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