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Learn tetherball physics

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    i am a game programming student in Florida and am attempting to write a game of tether ball but i do not have the strongest background in physics(understatement). what i believe im looking for might actually be pendulum physics but again im not sure. any help that is offered would be greatly appreciated
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    Sounds like this could be about as easy or hard as you want to make it.

    How would this work? Would you have two paddles and a tether ball in the middle in 2d? Or would this be full 3d?

    Have you played tether ball?
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    yes 2 paddles 3d would be nic becuase i would like to render the ball going comletely around the rod
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    and yes i have played tether ball though there i one thing im not sure of is wether or not the players can knock the ball in differ ent directions legally
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