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    EE, and life-long science explorer and tinkerer. I look forward to reading the forum, and hopefully contributing at some point. This looks like a great forum!

    If we weren't limited to 5 tags here, these would have been mine:
    physics (duh!), relativity, nuclear, antennas, time, radio, electronics, sensors, em propagation, magnetics, electrostatics, subatomic particles, theory of everything, semiconductors, optics, simulation, matlab, internet, computers, microcontrollers, thermodynamics
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks for the wecome!
    I've already learned more about relativity from robphy's "Relativity on Rotated Graph Paper" than all of college physics taught me.
    That's the post that got me to sign up. Once I figure out how Doppler shifting works relativistically, I might actually 'get it'!
    Best regards,
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    It's actually better than that :smile:
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