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Algebra Learning About Mathematics

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    So I recently join an engineering course, in my pure math classes we are currently studying basic algebra, simultaneous equations or quadratics. I quickly found all this very abstract and presented as facts.

    Now, I dont know how to phrase this, rather than looking for a book that just states what laws of indices are, and so on. Im looking for a book that would explain these more as maybe a full concepts and its cleverness if you will.

    I have heard that some people like a book called 'A most elegant equation' but I dont even know how relevant it would be. What would you recommend?
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    You didn't mention on what topic should the book be ?
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    Ow yeah my bad if I wasn't clear, a book looking into the field of algebra with emphasis on fundamental logic so I can get a better understanding once I start moving to the more complex things like Boolean algebra or calculus.
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    For pre-calculus algebra try Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang, Algebra and Trigonometry by I.M. Gelfand.
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