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Learning Ahead?

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    Is it a bad thing to learn ahead? This question is in reference to your understanding. If i were to learn mechanics in mathematics 2 years ahead of when i am supposed to and come back to it two years later and do it over in class, would this be advantageous or disadvantageous?
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    It's bad to try to learn something you are not prepared for. For example, it's bad if you try to learn general relativity without first learning Newtonian mechanics. But if you're sufficiently prepared to learn something, then I don't see why it should be "disadvantageous" to learn it.
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    though its not so fun to self study, really having a solid background in the courses you've already taken is probably the best way to be prepared. however, knowing about a course before you take it is a good idea in general. I wouldnt attempt to learn everything though
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    It's been my experience that even if you've just glanced over a topic ahead of time and managed to recognize some key concepts you'll be in a much better learning position when you approach the subject in a formal academic setting. Even if you simply come to class with intelligent questions, it will be much easier to absorb information from lectures.
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    It's gonna be good if you won't skip lectures when the time has come to take the subjects. Sometimes learning too early or too deep can give you disadvantageous because you know everything and you stop learning at the critical time.
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    It's funny, but 50 years ago it was the students job to read ahead by default. It definitely lets you learn much more deeply, and if you are only concerned with 'passing' then it will make that a lot easier too.
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