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Learning Aids

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    I'm just curious as to if anyone out there uses "odd" learning aids. What I mean is do you listen to Mozart when you study, drink lots of caffeine, write on colored paper, listen to hemi-sync beats, etc. Anyway, if you use learning aids, what do you use? ^_^
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    I think listening to music while studying something that needs to be remembered can help. Then when you take the exam just think back to one of the songs.
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    Something that always worked for me was to study the material at least three times in three different public locations. That might be: the library, the cafeteria, and a coffee shop. I found that if I studied it in an environment where I was surrounded by other seated people it was no problem transitioning to the test. If I just studied it alone in my room, the difference in atmosphere seemed to throw me off. I suppose that was kind of an odd study aid.
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    That's a good idea. I've been told that students perform better on exams if they study in a similar environment as the exam. I think the library can simulate an exam room fairly well...it's mostly very silent, but every once in a while, there are those little noises that seem much louder and more distracting when everything else is silent, like someone clicking a pen, or the scratch of pencils on paper, or the scraping of a chair on the floor as someone gets up to use the restroom, etc.
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