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Learning C++

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    I have started my course of C++ basics for a few weeks, some of my friends introduce Deitel's books, can you help give some comments on his series so I can assume myself that his are good enough not to waste my money on.
    It looks like a dictionary to me, and well, I don't have much money, someone nice out there can scan his series and share with me via p2p for example ?
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    Dietel's books are par for the course. They're not -exceptional-, but they're very good.

    And no -- we do not condone piracy here, so please do not ask such a thing again.

    - Warren
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    I feel really sad now, I would like to wake people here up to see this and tell them how I feel about what i am getting stuck at, I don't really like that Deitel's series anyway, but ok, I will follow whatever you advise not to ask something about sharing files.
    Thank you
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    ...well you don't have to get deitels book...though it is ok...not the best out there...if your gonna invest money in some books...invest in data algorithms...

    like mmm the data algorithsm part 1-4 and part 5...i hope sedgewick is the author ...my mind is a lapse. There are plenty fo tutorials online to learn C++ by itself...but data structures is any important text to have by your side IMO...which ever text you get...
    a "design patterns" book may alos be good when you get to that advance stage of C++

    You can bascially get a good C /C++ at a used store thats like 3-10 yrs old.
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    Thank you , I doubt it from the start that deitel books are not that good to buy, thank you for your input,

    I actually don't know anything about algorithms either, I would take your advice more seriously about that,

    I also highly advise people especially students to do as what you suggested.
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    u can check out Bruce Eckel's book Thinking in C++, that is availbale free of cost on net and is a quite good book, also check out the link http://files.nixp.ru/books/programming/ [Broken]
    here u will find Stroustrup's Book on C++, creator of C++,
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    yeah Bruce Eckel's book is excellent...
    But i do like the book by Robert Lafore that was the first one i studied...
    For algorithms i think Cormen,Liencestor's one is nice
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    do you still have Lafore with you
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    oh also as far as compilers go, you pretty much get what you pay for, but id suggest anything up to date, is sufficient
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    Do you have a part-time job at the very least? You're better off getting the book itself. Getting it online and printing out every page is very, very time consuming and a waste of paper, money and trees as well.

    As far as the book, I recommend getting Stroustrup C++ book.
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