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Learning Curve

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    I'm not even sure how to start this question

    M=total knowledge

    suppose that:

    does this mean
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    This looks like one of those ODE modeling questions. I think you have to elaborate more on what K, k, T and t are. More specifically tell us which variables the aforementioned functions are of. And K'(T) is dK/dt or dK/dT ?
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    K(t)is the total knowledge about how to perform at task at time t

    K'(t) or the rate of change in K(t) is proportional to what we do not know yet or
    K'(t)=k(M-K(t)) where M is total knowledge

    it takes two years to learn 50% of the task, how long does it take to learn 75%
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    Ok I take it that M is a constant and not a function of t and T and t are the same thing. k is also an unknown constant. So you have:

    [tex]\frac{dK}{dt} = k(M-K)[/tex]

    So this is a 1st order ODE. It's clearly separable. Solve it for K(t) and plug in the given values of K(0) and K(2) to solve for the constant of integration and k.
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