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Learning Discrete Mathematics

  1. Aug 27, 2008 #1

    Im after some advice on what materials to use in order to gain a fairly 'decent' understanding of the following topics:

    Elementary Set Theory, Subsets, Unions, Intersections, Complements. Logic, Functions, Mappings, Injectivity. Subjectivity. Bijectivity, Permutations, Proof techniques (contradiction, induction).

    I covered the basics of these topics about 3 years ago, and have done virtually no maths studying since then, so i only have vague memories :(

    Can anyone reccomend a decent book that covers these topics, and contains solid self practice exercises.

    This is knowledge which im supposed to have as a prerequisite for a masters degree, so i really just want to brush up on it to a point where i know what im talking about to pass an interview and not struggle with the more advanced use of the mathematics which might come up in the degree (computing).

    Many thanks,

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