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Medical Learning dissability

  1. Mar 29, 2007 #1
    How would someone classify people with a learning dissability? What are the norms some people would have separating them selves with other who have a learning dissibility. My dissibility is interacting with others. Is that even considered as a learning dissibility? I have a fear that is linked to my learning dissibility that i do not want to share.
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    There are so many different types of learning disabilities, so there is no straightforward answer to your question: how would someone classify people with learning disabilities? Someone with Asperger's syndrome would typically have problems interacting with others. Social Anxiety or any anxiety disorder could be considered a "learning disorder" if it prevents someone from carrying out normal activities every day.
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    I do have asperger's syndrome... thanks i needed to know what i have
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    You cannot assume you have asperger's based on one symptom which many people without anything wrong wit them experience. Many disorders also share multiple traits.
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    My experience with asperger's syndrome is it can range from very subtle to very disabling. Some of my patients (I'm a psychiatrist) are from the school of mines here in Colorado. I have two aspergers patients who are immensely blessed with abilities in the physical sciences, but can't function at a college kegger or similarly benign social situations. Meds can be helpful at times.

    If indeed you have the disorder-- Evo is right, lots of syndromes have overlapping symptoms--there is a beautiful person up at Colo State U who has been the source of strength and hope for many sufferers. SEE:

    But by all means try to get this diagnosis confirmed. Its one thing to be anxious in social settings but quite another to miss social cues entirely that make up a huge amt of non-verbal communication most take for granted.
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    Me too! And I have been diagnosed as having borderline ADHD (I have apparently compensated). One of my biggest difficulties was reading or rather concentration on what I was reading, which affect reading comprehension. I could read scientific and technical literature with excellent recall/memorization, but reading poetry and nontechical literature was excruciating - especially in a quiet room. Hence my performance of reading comprehension and verbal (literature) tests was average.

    And my kids have Asperger's more significantly than I do. It is a combination of learning disability/delay and developmental delay. The latter applies to things like social aptitude/skills.

    Asperger's syndrome, like autism, is a spectrum of symptoms and magnitude.
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