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Learning Matlab

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    Hey!, I'm starting university soon and there we have to use a little Matlab. I have never programmed before, so I was wondering if you guys knew of any good texts for a beginner?
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    Dr Transport

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    Boat loads of tutorials online.....Google Matlab Tutorials.
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    Matlab Tutorials in
    http://amath.colorado.edu/computing/Matlab/tutorials.html [Broken]
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    MATLAB is pretty easy as a programming language, but when in university try to do a computer science paper which focuses on programming. It will just make your university life a whole lot simpler when you understand 'object-orientated' programming.
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    I say start out with something with a high level of abstraction such as Python. You would also benefit from learning Java or C# as your first language. It depends on what your school offers in its intro. CS course. MATLAB is then pretty easy to learn. If you're dead-set on learning it, then you might as well Google search Matlab Tutotials as Dr. Transport said. Good luck!
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