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Learning Matlab

  1. Jan 17, 2014 #1


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    Hey PF!

    Does anyone recommend an effective way to self-learn matlab? What has worked for you? What have you heard that works for others?

    I realize matlab can be used for a variety of purposes, and as such it is difficult to learn the entire package, but I just want to get my hands dirty with this stuff.

    Any suggestions is much appreciated!

    sorry if this is in the wrong spot: i really feel this is engineering, but im sorry if it should be somewhere else.

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    Download GNU Octave. It is the free, but uglier, equivalent. Most basic functions/scripts/programs are compatible between the two.

    If you aren't on Unix/Linux, download Cygwin, a Unix interface for Windows. If you install everything, it will typically have Octave contained.
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    If you were to go with an open-source source alternative to MATLAB, I'd recommend Python and SciPy. It has many more features than MATLAB, though its syntax is not identical. (MATLAB's language is pretty awful, though, so this is a huge benefit.)

    Octave is a good suggestion if you specifically want to use MATLAB's language, but don't wish to buy MATLAB.

    That said, if you already have a copy of MATLAB and just want to learn to use it, why not start with the tutorials? MathWorks has already put a lot of effort into educational materials for people like you.
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    thanks guys! i should be specific: i'm working on a mac. specifically version 10.6.8 OS X. i do not have matlab now but i know i will need it for school so i am trying to learn it. knowing this, what do you both recommend?

    thanks again and sorry for being vague
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