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Learning modelling etc

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    Hello All. I am a second year engineering student switching over from Mechatronics engineering to physics with a minor in computer sciences. While I have done some programming in C, C++, Java, TCL and Assembler, I would like to know how I would approach modeling physical phenomena...e.g basic models of planet/solar system formation etc....I've had a Data Structures and Algorithms course and have a rough understanding of trees and various other data structures...Are there any texts that can help me out with this?

    - Thanks
    - Necross
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    You need a good understanding of Differential equations, both ODE and PDE, along with numerical methods. Your CS background is a good starting place but you must have the math in order to understand and create workable models.
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    Can you please recommend some good books? I've touched upon ODE's and have some PDE's in theory in some of my current physics courses. I will be learning ODE's and PDE's soon enough but I can't wait that long. It's going to hold me back from doing this and having a complete understanding of the theory itself. Thanks for the reply. :)
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