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Learning Physicis Again: Any book recomendation?

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    I am looking for classical physics book recommendations.

    I'm new to this forum and just graduated from college with an engineering degree. I took several courses in Physics and Math. My college experience though was more based on......"Solve this problem and get the correct answer on the test to get a good grade" vs "Why does this formula work the way it works? Why can't it this way? What happens if you change this variable in the formula?"

    I'm looking back at my college textbook and notes, and things there look geared towards the solving problems. And worse off, the problems are imaginary perfect problems that just doesn't exist in the real world. For example, every single Gauss problem was either a perfect sphere or a cylinder.

    My problem is I'm not convinced that this is the way it's suppose to work. All I know is that the back of the book says it's correct and the professor says though a derivative that this the absolute correct answer.

    I am looking for a Physics textbook that not only shows me the formula, but tries to convince me that what it's saying is true. Is there such a book available?

    Thank you very much
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    Read Feynman's Lectures on Physics.
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    Cliche answer, but a good answer.
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