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Learning Physics.

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    Hi, so I'm about to do my 3rd year in high school, and I've been trying to find a good book that could help me learn about physics, most book I found aren't helping since they only do the explanation part and no mathematics.

    The only book I found that helped is a book that was writing in 1940(The actual book I have was) It talks about anything basic from: Air resistance, heat dilatation, sound, light, wavelength to gas, electricity, atmospheric pressure, Archimedes's principle etc.

    The thing I liked the most is the detailed equations for about everything.
    But it doesn't talk about relativity or Quantum Mechanics.

    My book is quite outdated (I think?) so if anyone has a suggestion please tell.

    Thank you.
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    Do you know calculus?
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    Well I know trig and algebra, is there anything else I should know in between calculus and what I know?

    Cause I'm guessing it can't be that hard to learn?
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