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Learning Physics

  1. Oct 29, 2008 #1

    I am currently a student in AP Physics. I enjoy the subject but I can not seem to grasp concepts and work on problems in a timely manner. When I work on homework, I can understand what I do some of the time, but when exam time comes, I tend to do poorly and I remember how to solve problems after the exams. I would like some advice on learning physics. Any input is desired.
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    Practice, practice, practice.
    There are very few original questions and the same techniques come up in every exam when you learn how to spot them - so do lots of past papers.
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    So, working a lot of practice problems and observing the common trends would be an ideal way?
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    Yes - it's a bit like a crossword,you have to recognise the type of question.

    The question isn't going to come out and say "use conservation of energy/momentum to find this" or "you can ignore friction/weight of the spring" etc, you have to recognise the question.
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