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Learning Python

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    I want to start learning python. Lots of people I know say it's a very good language. Right now I know Java and a little bit of C++, but I'd like to experiment with some other languages, specifically Python. Right now I've got Python 2.4 installed on my PC, now I need to know what to do from here. I've run some google searches to see if there are some sites that can provide an introduction to Python, but I haven't found any good ones. So if anyone can recommend a compiler and text editor for Python I'd really be grateful.
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    go to python.org. the tutorial is really great.

    other than that, O'Reily books are awesome.
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    Python is an interpreted language, meaning you don't actually compile anything, therefore there is no such thing as a python compiler.

    You have two options in terms of running code:

    1) Write your code in a text editor and then execute the code:

    Example: helloworld.py

    Code (Text):


    print 'Hello World'
    python helloworld.py

    2) You can enter into the command-line interpreter and just start entering commands like you do in Matlab or other programs like that.


    Python is a very nice language. There are no semicolons and braces to remember.

    Just look at the tutorial and you should pick it up rather quickly since you are already famaliar with programming:

    http://www.python.org/doc/2.4.1/tut/tut.html [Broken]
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    Thanks, guys. VPython looks pretty cool. Can't wait to start programming!
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