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Learning QM

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    Does anyone know any websites which I can use to learn QM?
    I have (almost) an A-level of physics, but know more maths than that. I am doing loads of background maths reading and GR is what I am learning that is about at the limit of my knowlage.
    Thanks :smile:
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    What's your skill? (Schrödinger equation, Dirac equation, operators, harmonic oscillator, Greens function, S-Matrix, ...)?

    I mean what do you actually know?
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    If you are good in math and in GR; there is only one way to ``learn´´ quantum mechanics. You go to a bar and drink yourself Lazarus until you see your pint doubled; at that moment in time you must realize that God is in the same intoxicated state as you are on the microscale. We, humans, understand this by means of the Schroedinger wave. Now, suppose the bartender poors a bucket of water over you (of course you shake your head and so on in the process) to sober you up: suddenly you can only locate (to your distress) one pint. This is what copenhagers call measurement. If you understood this, then the rest is math and that usually poses less problems :biggrin:
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    That's exactly how *I* learned QM ! It works, btw. :biggrin:
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    Yes, I know it is priceless advise :rofl: However, I think God is not a drunken fool after all :smile:
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