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Learning Quantum Mechanics

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    Quantum Mechanics seems like a ridiculous topic to learn. I'm currently in my first semester of quantum mechanics and so what we are doing now seems easy enough. So since I've understood what we are doing now, I've gone ahead to read future sections and there are these two sections that seem interesting.

    The first section deals with solving your schrodeinger equation with some harmonic potential of mx^2 or something like that. Their are several methods on how to solve this particular equation which produces a series of formulas.

    The Second part used some fourier analysis to describe the motion of the wave packet, which I can understand ... however how they got to the fourier integral and the expression of it all is beyond me.

    It seems when I was reading my book on how it arrived to the equation, that either the method they used was too long or they assumed or made up a number of ridiculous expressions to got to the equation; by the time they get to the result I long forgot what they set out to do.

    Is this how quantum mechanics is suppose to be, a number of ambiguous assumptions and rules that are made up that you must blindly follow to get to some result that you don't even understand?
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    These two parts of your post are contradictory.
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