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Learning Relativity

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    I am currently trying to learn some relativity. I am using the book by Schwartz & Schwartz to get some idea of Flat Space Time and the mathematics behind it, I hope to move on to general relativity in the future. My question: I am trying to solve some excercises but I have a hard time finding any solutions. Does any of you know a good website with excercises & solutions? I'm currently interested in relativity related stuff but I can imagine there are people out there also interested in other topics.

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    Solutions to the problems in the text you mention? Have you searched the internet for them? Their are other texts which have problems with solutions. There are also web sites at universities which have online lecture notes with homework problems and solutions. It requires a bit of searching though.

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    May be you want to have a try on this web, i think it is very useful:
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    Thanks All,

    but the thing I am looking for are problems with solutions. Not for the Schwarz & Schwarz book per se, but just in general for relativity. I have enough theory to read, but there's no substitute for problem solving. So if any of you have pointers to problem+solutions, let me know.

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    The internet is great of course (if you are careful of the sites you pick) but anyone who want to know Special and General Relativity via carelfully designed text and problems needs to get

    SpaceTime Physics - J.A. Wheeler and E.F. Taylor, isbn 0716723271 (Special rel)


    Exploring Black Holes (Same authors) isbn 020138423-X

    J.A. Wheeler is the Physicist who coined the term "black hole" and is an acknowledged expert on GR; moreover, he seems to be a great teacher.
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    Find the old 1966 edition of Spacetime Physics (071670336X) with the maroon cover. It has an appendix that has the solutions to the exercises. In addition, it discusses "rapidity" [hyperbolic trigonometry], which was dropped in the second edition.
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