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Learning some basic facts about the elements.

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    I've written a computer program which is a revision and study aid for learning some basic facts about the elements. It might (or might not) suit the way you learn. It's very simple but it's free.

    The program runs on a Windows PC and asks you questions. You can choose if you want questions to cover any combination of symbol, atomic number or periodic table position and whether to cover all elements or just some of them.

    The program loops round, asking a question on an element; you tell it to show the answer and then tell it whether you knew the answer. The program remembers whether you knew the answer and this affects the choice of questions after that. The program tends to pick the ones you don't know so well, so as to give you more practice where it's needed.

    You can see how the program works from a short video about it at (not very professional video - sorry) You can read more details and download the program at www.whatbots.com[/URL] . The program covers some other subjects as well but there's a link for the elements on the home page. Or go to the heading "What topics?" and select "Chemical elements" from the drop-down list.

    There are no copyright problems, because I wrote it and I own the rights.

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