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Learning Style

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    I think I'm an underachiever. I can cover the material in a university course in a week and get 100% on the test, but I can only study in short intense bursts on the order of one week. After having an intense week, I have to unwind for like a month. Does anyone else learn like this? I wonder how much I could learn if I could learn continuously.
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    I do my studying a week before finals and get high grades. I don't see a point of sitting in class with other drones, regurgitating information on an arbitrary time scale.
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    Yea same lol. I think I could finish a uni degree in about 9 months.
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    If you mean how much you can learn something useful in that fashion that can be utilized in your career, I would say none...
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    It may depend on the individual and you may not be able to keep up that super intense focus for long periods of time.

    In a way, it's like saying 'Wow, if I can stay up for 48 hours straight and get THIS much done, imagine how much I could get done if I never slept at all!'. Ahh, if only :)

    That being said, I sort of do the same thing in some subjects. Not trying to cram everything in the week before finals, but sometimes I find that I understand the information more clearly once it's had a while to 'sit' in my head, so to speak. You can try out a few other types of studying styles and see which one suits you, but as long as you get everything done and you're not working yourself into a coma, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing now.
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    Maybe you can't do that. But generalizing like that is a bit unfair. If you learn something, you learn it. It doesn't really matter if it takes you 4 years or 4 seconds.
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    Learning is a continous process .. you can't do that in short brusts IMO. I am not sure if working intense for few months and doing nothing for the following months can work. Or, I haven't yet seen anyone doing that yet.

    Personally, as time passes I learn more and more things, it is more of a continous process at least in my case. I cannot solve all different kind of problems in small amount of time. More time I spend with a subject, more interesting problems I see .. It has never been the case when I had solved all kind of problems (or at least found myself capable of solving any kind of new problem related to the subject). However, I am an average student.
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