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Learning to help online

  1. Nov 28, 2012 #1
    It's harder than I thought ... haha

    It's hard to gauge how much the person knows, what strategy works on them, how much extra info they wouldn't mind hearing and using.

    Also hard to keep yourself from going in circles trying not to be redundant by explaining something in different ways.

    Also have a greater appreciation now for providing more information in my own future questions to guide the responses better.

    But it is an enriching experience! :)
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    Is there a question in there somewhere or did you just feel the need to get that off your chest? :smile:
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    Absolutely zero questions in there. Just venting :)


    forum feedback, as in how i have found my helping experience so far...
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    The post is confusing.

    1. What are you trying to say? If you learned something about helping others, what is it that you learned?
    2. Maybe the post belongs in a different forum or board?
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    I am so confusing...Good thing at least phinds was able to use his intuition. I'll be painfully explicit, structured and plain next time I would like to invite people to discussion.
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    Square1 learned this:
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    Cute, symbol...

    It was, (quite) blatantly said afterwards it was just a declarative statement. So since it wasn't a question, I don't know why (in fact, I am just so sooooo confused......) you are trying to cite what I said about asking questions, to a scenerio where I wan't asking questions.
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