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Least square fitting error

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    I have some data to calculate the photoelectric effect, and with my measurements I have made a graph using the least square fitting for voltage vs. frequencies. If I have an error of x for all voltages (V) and y for all frequencies f.
    How do I calculate the error of the values m and a if my fitting is Vo= m f + a?

    If needed here I post the data I have
    The slope m is h/e = 4.59*10^(-15)V/Hz
    and the constant a is the working function in electronvolts W/e=2.11eV
    And the errors
    for voltages are x= 0.05V
    for frequencies y= 2*10^11
    and I am using 5 data pairs.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Thanks Stephen for the Link to the book. Looks good to me.
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