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Least talented/worst band ever.

  1. Jan 27, 2009 #1
    It has to be Nickelback. I know there are other talentless bands out there but Nickelback is completely lacking any form of talent.
    Plus they're Canadian.
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    Nickleback aren't talentless, if you are talentless you don't get a record deal generally. It might work in the pop world but rock tends to be more discerning. What they are is appealing to the soft core metal fans, that don't want to muddy their shoes.

    Worst band ever, probably the bands coming to a garage near you, that never made it because they were diabolical and pointless.
  4. Jan 27, 2009 #3
    They are in the pop world, you can't tell me that Nickelback is a rock and roll band. The people with "talent" are the song writers because they know what will sell.
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    Unfortunately they are rock. And as always the ones with the talent are the song writers, in a perfect world they would also be the band members. Pop rock maybe **** IYO but it's still rock.
  7. Jan 27, 2009 #6
    Pop rock doesn't make any sense, you're either pop or you're rock, and they are definitely pop. All of their songs sound the same and they all sound like many other pop bands. When I hear them it doesn't remind me of bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, I think of stereotypical pop bands.
  8. Jan 27, 2009 #7
    Pop as in popular.

    I feel your pain fellow rock fan though. :smile:

    Putting Back in Black next to whatever insipid Album they have recently released seems a traversty. But I don't define the genre.
  9. Jan 27, 2009 #8
    Hands down...Maroon 5
  10. Jan 27, 2009 #9
    I don't know about talentless, but certainly one of the most overrated. There are a lot of bands out there that really suck.
  11. Jan 27, 2009 #10
    Coldplay has far less talent.

    "Oh look at me, I can dress in a sexually ambiguous way and sing softly as to cater towards thirteen year old girls! Give me a record deal!"

    Nothing makes my blood boil faster than to know that Coldplay could release a CD with one track on it, a recording of them telling their fans off, and it'd still sell a million copies.
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    All that emo garbage. They're all so bad it's hard to pick the worst.
  13. Jan 27, 2009 #12
    green day, master of the quarter and eighth note.
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    I don't follow groups; I hear what I hear and only find out who it is weeks or months later.

    I was right at the head of the line at the "Nickleback is such derivative crap" festival.

    I liked 'Ruled the World' but then found out it was Coldplay, and tried to bite my own head off (OK, I had a preconception about this band).

    Green Day I find actually has some music-writing talent.
  15. Jan 27, 2009 #14


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    Dave, search Utube to find really old Fleetwood Mac videos, back when the band was headed by Peter Green. 1970 on, the pretty much sucked after the principals were MIA.
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    Name me some sucking FWM songs.
  17. Jan 27, 2009 #16
    I agree with daveyinaz, maroon 5 always was pretty bad, though id rather listen to it rather than any emo music, that stuff is terrible.

    Most of my friends love rap and a few even like the emo stuff, I wish I could get them into the good stuff like Pink Floyd and the Eagles, but as of now they seem hopeless lol.
  18. Jan 27, 2009 #17


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    What about the all the bands that play music that sounds like a blender or other small applicance, and singing that sounds like a combination of yelling and vomitting? What's it called, screamo? Ugh. I nominate every band that plays in that style.
  19. Jan 27, 2009 #18


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    Mercifully those have never been on any playlist I've been subjected to.

    And I have listened whole albums of John Cage. So I do have a reasonably high pain threshold.
  20. Jan 27, 2009 #19


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    I second that.

    Putting it in words like that makes me sound old, though. Haha.
  21. Jan 28, 2009 #20


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    Compared with the stuff Fleetwood Mac was puting out in the '60's, you can just about take your pick. I should mention that after Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer had both flaked out and left, Danny Kirwan did as well as could be expected, resulting in the Kiln House album with its many Buddy Holly - inspired songs. If you want to see why Fleetwood Mac of Rumours fame (or shame) sounded the way it did, you must pick up a copy of Buckingham - Nicks. That album was a work in progress when Mick, John, and Christine were searching around California looking for somebody new to front the band. Cue up any song from Buckingham - Nicks, and I will guarantee you that people will say "Fleetwood Mac" if they are less than 50 years old or are entirely uneducated about British rock/clues of the '60's. BTW Black Magic Woman was a cover song, as was Green Manilishi, decades later.

    Fleetwood Mac of the '70's and later was nothing like Fleetwood Mac of the '60's. Peter Green succeeded Eric Clapton in Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and after Mayall gave Green some studio time for Christmas one year, Green persuaded Mick Fleetwood to jump ship and form a new band. He had already named the band after the rhythm section, despite the fact that John Mac Vie had elected to stay with Mayall. Mac Vie relented and history was born.
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