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Leaving a Network Domain

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    Hi everyone,

    After recently moving from my workplace to work remotely using a laptop back in blighty, I found my work-borrowed laptop is part of a network domain. This prevents me from using the network wizard to setup a new connection to the internet through my wireless network at home.

    I have a wireless network at home with no security settings or anything and although my computer can find and connect to the wireless connection, when I load up Internet Explorer or something it becomes clear that I am in fact not connected to the internet at all.

    So I think I need to leave the work-place domain of which I was previously a member and become kind in a 'free' domain so to speak. Any advise? Thanks!

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    Could it just be that you're accessing the net through your workplace gateway (cache)?

    Try changing your options to "direct connection" ???
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    log in locally with an account that has admin powers
    --> right click my computer, choose properties
    --> select the Computer Name tab"
    --> click change button
    --> At the bottom click the Workgroup radio button, and type whatever workgroup you want to use or join's name
    --> click ok ok ok ok ok ok untill you are out of that window.
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    I tried the advise of joining workgroup, exactly as stated. It asked me for a username and password that would be accepted by the workgroup 'MS HOME' and i just used a blank username and blank password. The computer said i had to restart. Upon doing so, I found my log in username and password no longer worked and neither does two blanks! I can now not even get Windows XP to log on and I am completely locked out of my own laptop!!! Help!
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    you need to log in using a local account, the account you used before when you logged in locally will work.
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    i've never had a different account, when i received the computer form work there was onyl one account setup on it on the work domain.
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    So you didnt follow my advice then, because if you did, you wouldnt have been able to log on locally

    Your Laptop will have a local accounts, its impossible to remove all of them, especially the Local Admin account. You need to know the local administator account details. It seems you were logging into the domain before using your domain account right?
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    To be honest I don't really understand your last message. I received a work laptop that was part of the work domain with a login username and password. Upon changing domain to a workgroup it prompted me for a new username and password, I chose blank and blank. When I restarted my usual login didn't work or the blank and blank. That's really all I know. I haven't chosen any other passwords except these.
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    Call your work helpdesk. I dont think you actually followed my advice, probably because you didnt understand.
    You dont need to enter a password to join a workgroup, only to join a domain.

    Sorry I didnt realise how little you knew regarding Windows OS. I cant be more help.. All the best
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