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Leaving for college today

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    Hey guys, just wanted to let yall know i'll be taking off to UCSB today. I probably won't be on the forum for a week or two, since I probably won't be able to use the computer for that time, but i'll be sure to post tons of pictures when I do come back here. Anyone else here went back to school, and if so, which school? I'm really stoked about going...whoops I need to get packing, I have to leave in two hours, bye bye everyone, i'll miss you all!!! :biggrin:
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    i'm in LU here (laurentian university, #1 in mining games, we demolish the competition haha)
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    Say HI to my hometown of Santa Maria when you pass through!!! :biggrin: Stop and have a piece of banana creme pie at Madonna Inn in SLO for me, too!!!:wink: YUM!!!
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    We'll be waiting for you!!!!!
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