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Lecture and Worksheet problem

  1. Dec 24, 2014 #1
    Hello Everyone !
    i am Physics Teacher ... Teaching 9 - 12 grades in UAE ..
    when i was a student ... Teachers use to guide and deliver the lecture and then we as a student use to give exams on the basis of some our research and teacher's guidance ... now here teaching is demanding some other measures... like teacher must be a there in lecture for guidance only, lecture should be based on activities and teacher should not speak more than 10 mints ... like 75 - 25 % contribution of student and teacher during class.. Students 75 % and teacher's 25% ...
    my problem is that ... if i am explaining something new ... how can i derive and give concept of particular topic within 10mints
    lesson planning can never be so hard as it seems now
    plus syllabus is so lengthy ..and resources are limited ... !
    can u people guide me how to plan lesson and worksheets ?
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    Have you tried the traditional Socratic method? You'd start with a short intro to push the students in a certain direction and then start asking questions. From there you lead the discussion by selecting students and agreeing or disagreeing with what they say and continue to push the discussion forward.

    The students will feel they have collectively discovered something new and you can sit back and smile. It's kind of like the martial arts films where the master shows the student once and then watches with a stick to straighten the students posture or control how they move.
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