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Lecture or Magnetisam

  1. Apr 28, 2003 #1
    there are two types of magnetisam:
    the electric one
    the massive one

    "the electric magnetisam"
    when one charge enters a magnetic field with displacement rate dD<>0
    forward/backwards then it goes in perfect circles at left/right.
    the circles of both cases belong to plane normal with the north-south direction.according to my law of dynamics
    (F x dD=D x dF>0) that displacement is parallel with the force the charge is subjected to.we can substitute the magnetic influence with an virtuel charge in the center of the rotation.when the direction of the displacement(and the force) becomes oposite the virtuel charge becomes oposite too.but why?
    F x dD>0 for the real charge q in point D
    V x dQ>0 for the virtuel chrge Q
    F is parallel with Q,normal with D and normal with V
    F,D,Q,V all rotate around F x D=the energy vector.
    the virtuel charge Q changes simultaneously (proportionaly with) as the position D does.now the virtuel charge Q can be represented with two real charged particles with same behavior as Q such that the force F doesn't change.in this case Q=Q1+Q2 and if Q1 is the north pole then Q2 is the south pole of this electric magnet.as you can see there is no magnetic field,no magnetic induction,no velocity necessery to explain electric magnetisam.

    "the massive magnetisam"
    same as electric magnetisam with the difference that the role of the charge and electric potential in el. mag. here take the mass and the gravity potential of the massive magnet.
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