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Lectures on physics (audio)

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    Anybody here knows the audio collection of the Feynman Lectures on Physics?

    Anyway, I'm trying to find other audio/video resources on physics. Any recommendations?

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    Try searching on a p2p program.

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    I know about the audio lectures on Feynman's Lectures on Physics, but the audio quality, (in the local library's edition at least) was so poor that I returned it soon. The accompanying book is good though.

    Try searching on Amazon.com. The library may be good too.
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    Feyman is definately one of the few greats of our time. My physic's instructor has his lecture notes in his office - I will check and see if there is a CD with them and I will download Wednsday.

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    It was noted in this thread that the lectures can mostly be obtained through usenet; specifically, they are (or at least were) available in the alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word newsgroup. I was able to amass almost all of the lectures in short order with an EasyNews account. Alternatively, you can partly satiate your desire for Feynman musings by viewing http://www.vega.org.uk/series/lectures/feynman/index.html [Broken].

    Hope that helps.
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    They are available on suprnova.org, you use a program called Azereus to download them.
    Be careful not to download any of the other content that you don't own though.

    Example 1
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    how long ago did you find them on suprnova.org? i looked there and couldn't find it?
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    I have 15 Lectures of Feynman where I downloaded from Emule, contact me in MSN: futb0l@bigfoot.com for more info.
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