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Lecturing styles

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    Which type of professor do you most enjoy considering their lecturing style?

    I had a political science professor who had a reputation of being a total douche/Nazi but I absolutely enjoyed the way he ran the class. If you spoke out of turn: he kicked you out. If your cellphone went off: he kicked you out. If you asked to many questions or got hot headed: made fun of you or kicked you out. It was a stadium class, and he kept order and made a great environment for everyone to clearly hear and understand his lecture - which was pretty much the test.
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    I like PPT slides with additional writing on the board. Not everything should be in the PPT slide. Also, I like encouragement to participate in discussion, and I like when a student shares an idea and it's not clear, and the professor clears it.

    In general, I like a professor speaking with passion for the topic and writing/drawing on the board to make his point.

    I assume the professor speaks clearly, even if he or she has an accent.
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    He kicked people out for asking questions? Wow. Great way to pacify students who actually care about the course.
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    My favorite teachers have been the ones i consider consistent. You know that what you get from them monday is what you are going to get every monday, and everyday for that.

    Classroom management is one of the hardest things for any teacher to master. I feel that if a teacher's personality can come out during their lectures, then everyone benefits, since that teacher is in a position to explain a topic in a way that makes sense to them, which is more insightful than whatever the text might have.

    But it seems as though not every teacher has been able to marry their classroom management to their true personalities(at least that is how I feel about it, as some teachers one on one are night and day to how they appear in front of a class)

    However, personalities are what students conflict with. The students I have encountered who consider teacher's Nazi's and whatnot are also the students who have a hard time not having life catered to their every whim. They are the ones who feel entitled to things that they are not entitled too, namely teacher's who bend over backwards for them or are willing to be talked down to like the way many of those students have talked to every other person in authority in their lives.
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    My favorite professors are basically the polar opposite of the one you described. Cell phone's going off don't bother me. Mistakes happen, people forget to turn them on vibrate, or they could have an emergency. Either way, the worse that happens is that your attention is lost for a tenth of a second.

    In these classes the course is often like an open discussion. If Professor John Smith is explaining something an Joe Doe doesn't understand, Joe can go "John? I don't understand what you mean by "a closed bounded interval"". Informality in class rooms has, for me, been very beneficial. Typically it's easier to ask questions, get help, and the professors tend to be more involved in ensuring everything is understandable.

    EDIT: I also noticed that in classes that were more informal, the student population tended to be better behaved.
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