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LED lighting and RFI

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    I have just fitted two (very expensive) UK mains - 14 watt (120 watt tungsten equivalent, 28 watt CFL equivalent) LED luminaires in a building extension.

    I am now picking up intolerable interference on both AM and FM radios, throughout the house.

    Considering the cost, CE markings and other certifications and pedigree, this is very disappointing.

    I am plannning to try some delta suppressors and will report in due course. When I take the units down to fit the suppressors I will take some photos.

    Meanwhile any comments or experiences welcome.
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    That is indeed disapointing. Especially with the CE mark, they should be at least Level A emissions compliant. I wonder if it would be worth a call to their support folks...

    I'm not sure what a delta suppressor is, but some kind of clamp-on ferrite on the power wires may help. Let us know what you find!
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