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LED Lighting Question

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    hello everyone
    i thank you all in advance for reading this and i m hoping someone will be able to help me with this

    i got some led light strip to use as a tail light on my motorbike.
    i want to find a way to turn the tail light off when using blinkers.. and tail light back on when i turn blinkers off
    the reason is my blinkers arent bright enough so i need the tail light off.. so if you can help me make s simple circuit using diodes or watever will be much appriciated.
    thanks heaps
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    Is this legal?
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    I don't know the regulations in your part of the world but, if they aren't bright enough, they are just not bright enough to see against any light source. Just turning off your tail light won't help that unless you are being followed down an unlit road with no buildings. That's a safety issue. Why not just buy a decent indicator system?
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    jim hardy

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    Original premise sounds to me suspiciously like some of my high school chums' tricks from early1960's.

    by the cops ?

    I agree with Sophie. Fix the blinkers.
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    In the UK , at least, you only have insurance cover if there are no 'modifications'. If someone hits you and they claim not to have seen you and if things get nasty and expensive, your idea could turn out very expensive.
    'Type Approval' makes you relatively bomb proof. Turning lamps off at critical times is not safe. Use a 'normal' arrangement.
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    If you're in the U.S., this is a resource that I use when trying to convert dirtbikes over to street legal status:


    It's only a general summary (not the specific statutes) but it's a good jumping-off point. Most states would consider this modification illegal. Your tail light must be on while the vehicle is in operation. Sophie also makes the excellent point that if you make this kind of modification and get in an accident you may end up down the rabbit hole on insurance.

    Bottom line, if your blinkers aren't bright enough replace them with ones that are. There are LED blinker kits available that only draw ~.1A and are of course only drawing for the few seconds they're in operation so they're essentially trivial when you're mapping out your vehicle's current draw.
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